Who Am I

I’m a person passionate to build technology products. I like to think about programming as an art of software which through creativity and computers we solve problems to create a better place for people. In my free time enjoy sharing content with the software community through El Podcast de Erik Jhordan Rey, writing blog posts, and participating as a speaker at conferences, online events, and meetups.

Although I really enjoy sharing my experiences with other developers, I always in favor of before becoming a better software engineer, I want to be a better person.

Professional Career

I’ve worked in multiple roles in the software industry since some years ago, and I continue learning about effective software development. I’m a Software Engineer main interested in how to design high-quality software systems, to maximize how much value development teams can deliver.


I currently work as an Engineering Manager at Jüsto. Leading a mobile team and a multi-functional team.

My main tasks:

  • Leading mobile development for Android and iOS in all the aspects technical and not technical as architecture definition, feature implementation, and people-oriented tasks.

  • Leading a multi-functional team charged to develop an internal platform (Web & Android) to improve the operational processes. I’m responsible for the feature implementation, technical decisions, and apply strategies to iterate the product and give more value to our operations internal team as soon as possible.

Life is a balance

I practiced multiple sports throughout my whole life so are part of my lifestyle. I love playing soccer ⚽, swimming 🏊🏼, run 🏃🏻, and cycling 🚴🏼. I’m a member of a triathlon team @alpuntosport and I really love training mainly long distances because It has taught me always to be prepared to front the most unthinkable and unexpected situations when all seems is over your control things happen but I’ve learned the best way to face it is by trying.

“Learn to domain your mind, train your physical and enjoy the competition, when your legs can’t run anymore run with your heart


Feel free to reach out to me on @ErikJhordan_Rey twitter. I’ll happy to help you or answer any questions you may have. Also you can send me an email at erikjhordan.rey@gmail.com 👨‍💻.